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Top 5 Benefits of Protecting Your Property With Security Cameras

Protecting your home and family has never been more affordable. A simple investment now could save you heartache and headache in the future. Feel secured and have peace of mind with these top 5 benefits of owning a CCTV system.

1. Protect Your Valuables

This is one of the top benefits most home owners and business owners immediately think of when considering reasons to invest in a security system. We all know someone who has lost jewelry, electronics, cash and other high-end valuables due to a home invasion. Our HD security systems can detect facial features, tattoos, license plates, and other significant details to capture and identify intruders.

2. Deters Crime

Multiple studies have found that as the number of security systems increased in a neighborhood, the number of robberies decreased in that area. Having a security systems not only protects you but also helps protect the neighborhood making it a safer place for everyone.

3. Remote Access to View Your Home

All 606 Installs surveillance packages include remote viewing capabilities through our app. See what is happening in and/or around your home while you are away. You are able to rewind and select clips to message or email to family, friends, and authorities. Upgrade features, such as a microphone, will allow you to hear audio as well.

4. Helps Keep Tabs on Kids, Pets, and Employees

While you are away you can check in with your kids and assure they are home safely. Watch what is happening in your home, so you'll know who your teens are inviting over. If you have employees or contractors monitor their work and access while they are in your home. Pets are known to scamper off on occasion, a security system allows you to retrieve them quickly and safely.

5. Plain Ol' Peace of Mind

The sense of peace you gain with a security system is perhaps the greatest benefit of all. The confidence of being safe and protected will help you be a more productive, healthy and focused person. Don't procrastinate until after something has happened to take action.

Explore your options by speaking with one of our expert technicians and discussing your security goals. We have a variety of surveillance packages for every budget. It's better to be safe than to be sorry.

Call today and schedule a free on-site survey (312) 868-6366 or

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